Financial Services

In the Financial Services practice group, Ising International Consulting supports companies from the following sectors

  • Banking
  • Family offices, wealth management
  • Funds and investment trusts
  • Leasing and financing companies
  • Private equity, venture capital, investment companies including PPP / BOT
  • Real estate
  • Insurance

Our clients include companies from both the private and the public sector. Structured financial institutions, which structure and finance project and infrastructure projects, including PPP and BOT, are also playing an increasing role. This is a typical example of the complexity of the actors and their differing interests and ways of viewing the market potentials.

The market conditions within the financial sector have changed massively in recent years, and the change process continues unabated. Our international organisational structure means that we are well-equipped to deal with this. We advise our clients with regard executive and specialist positions that are to be filled abroad as much as we are able to take candidates based abroad into account for positions in Germany.

As part of the networking of our skills from the various practice groups, experience and contacts, for example from the practices of Professional Services or Infrastructure & Public Services, find their way into consultation mandates for the financial sector – and, of course, vice versa. This matrix represents our strength and supports the employment decisions made by our clients at the highest level.