Consumer / Consumables

In the Practice Group Consumer / Consumables Ising International Consulting advises companies inter alia in areas of

  • Food and Beverages Industry
  • Consumer and Consumables
  • Textile, Fashion and Luxery Goods
  • DIY- and Specialized Trade

The focus is primarily on retail and whole sale as well as on large medium-sized national producing industries and global players in the consumer and consumables area.

The sector of consumables has emerged as a supporting pillar for economic stability in various industrialized countries. National governments foster this development by different supporting measures. Central banks additionally encourage this trend by the zero interest rate policy. The result is the absence of saving incentives. In connection with „cheap, almost free money“, private consumption significantly supports national economies. Low energy costs additionally release disposable income for consumption. Consumer behavior is, however, dominated by spontaneity. Changes in this system may lead to sudden absence of consumer enthusiasm with unforeseeable consequences. Intensifying international competition, especially from and within Asian markets, and a fluctuating US dollar exchange rate, further represent incalculable influences. Thus, the sector of consumer and consumables remains complex and fraught with risk.

Producers and retail try to counteract this market situation through a further internationalization of their businesses. The markets in Eastern Europe and South America have deteriorated significantly and give little hope for a change for the better.

Thus, professionally competent, entrepreneurial and internationally oriented executives and experts in these fields are more than ever in demand. To find „the Best“, meaning to recognize those and, above all, to win such leaders, is not a matter of coincidence, but rather, this process requires precise industry knowledge, extensive experience and well-established contacts and connections within these specific markets. Ising International Consulting involves the concerning factors from its longstanding experience through completing a variety of projects within the consumer and consumables industry.